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Sun, Feb 14th 2016, 14:24:31

 In Japan, we have a culture of taking baths over showers. Baths are not only for cleaning ourselves, but also for having a relaxing time by yourself or even with family members! To soak in a tub of hot water, forgetting about one's troubles at the end of the day...isn't that soothing? 


To make bath time even more comfortable, there are Japanese bath salts you can use! There are various bath salts to suit one's needs. They come in many fragrances and colors. Some use oils from flowers like lavender and roses. Others use the scent of fruits such as oranges and yuzu. You can even take cool baths in the hot summer since there are cooling bath salts that contain mint essence in them. Baths are recommended to take to relieve one's stresses and to prevent the body from cramping and swelling. There are different types of bath salts you can use for different effects for the body. For someone who would like to keep their skin in a silky, smooth condition, there are bath salts that coat the skin like lotion while bathing. For someone who is suffering from shoulder aches or back aches, there are bath salts that soothe the areas through heat and bubbles. You can enjoy the fragrance and feel of good quality bathing right at your home!


Why don't you treat yourself to a nice, relaxing bath with Japanese bath salts? You deserve it. Don't stress out about the little things, and just take it easy...

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