Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro Pen!

Sat, Apr 16th 2016, 11:46:02

Kuretake, founded in 1902, focuses on sumi-e inks for traditional brush calligraphy, pens and brush pens. Nowadays this modern Japanese company continues producing traditional ink. Their brush pens brushes are made with high quality hair making them some of the best pen brushes of the Japanese stationery, and today we want to introduce you one of their most colorful and best products, Kuretake Zig Letter Pens! 

This stylish pen brings you the chance to pick your favorite pen body color and fill it with the Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro Refills. The Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro Pen has a flexible tip, totally different from the regular ball point pens it will give you a nice and beautiful ink flow. Depending on the pressure and your writing speed you´ll be able to write beautiful Chinese or Japanese letters or make amazing drawings.

Perfect for those who love handwriting, the high quality of the Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro body pen and ink will make this a brush pen who will last for years. Remember that you´ll need to purchase the body and refill, but no worries, you can mix and match any body and refill color, there are 11 different body and 8 refill colors!

The body of the Kuretake Zig Letter CocoIro brush pen has a smooth shape and a super smooth surface, and the water soluble ink of the refills will give you a nice ink flow, so don´t think it twice and get a Zig Letter CocoIro brush pen body and refill to improve your artist pen weaponry. This amazing brush pen will become your favorite one as soon as you start using it!   

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