Ready To Hatch GODZILLA!

Wed, Aug 10th 2016, 16:59:41

 A new Godzilla film has been released recently called, "Shin Godzilla" or "Godzilla Resurgence." It revolves around a gigantic, horrendous monster known as "godzilla," a combination of the Japanese words ゴリラ gorilla and クジラ whale. It is violent, huge, and comes from the sea to wreak havoc on mankind.


 Godzilla is known to all as "king of the monsters." There are various films that depict the destructive dispostion of Godzilla. Its signature weapon is its ability to release a nuclear blast that varies in red or blue, called its "atomic breath." It is the monster that people have feared and loved over a long period of time, and its fans seem to be growing in numbers day by day.

In the midst of all the rage about Godzilla, we at J-Subculture would like to introduce you a fun toy that both children and adults love. It's here and ready to hatch, introducing Godzilla's Eggs!

Godzilla Egg toys are produced by the famous Japanese toy company Bandai. The Godzilla Egg toy series features nine figures you can play and collect with. While some are Godzilla, such as burning Godzilla, others are his enemies and allies, like Mecha Godzilla and Gigan.

What's so awesome about these Godzilla figures is that they appear like small egg toys, only to transform into full figures of Godzilla! Totally cool right? You can change them between the two, for displaying or for carrying around. Each transformation will surprise you.

In the mood for a new kind of Godzilla? Stock up on these Godzilla Eggs today! Godzilla approves.

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