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Frixion Erasable Color Markers!

Thu, Aug 11th 2016, 15:33:46


Wanna add more pop to your drawings? Feel the need to highlight sentences in more vivid colors? In love with using colors but afraid of making mistakes? Pilot Frixion Erasable Color Markers are perfect for you! These markers are so colorful, it's as if a stream of a rainbow is captured in their ink! What makes them perfect is, like other Frixion writing utensils, you can erase what you've written/drawn/highlighted without having to worry about messing up your works or troublesome eraser shavings!

With so many colors to choose from, you can definitely find your fave! Color everything in your fave color to brighten your mood and mark your things to personalize them!

Rub the surface where you've used the pen's ink with the eraser, and the ink will disappear evenly.  Color code things freely through the bold colors that these markers offer. At J-Subculture, we have multiple markers just for you up for sale, as well as other Pilot products, so feel free to scroll down below!

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