Cheers to Green Tea!

Wed, Aug 17th 2016, 13:24:06

緑茶 (ryokucha) or Japanese green tea, is the top kind of tea that is consumed in Japan. There are many known health benefits from drinking green tea. For a beautiful life, drinking green tea is highly recommended, compared to its other tea counterparts. What is green tea made of though? And how is drinking green tea good for you? Let us at J-Subculture elaborate. 

Japanese green tea is made from the plant, チャノキ (chanoki), or Camellia sinensis. The image above is a picture of the flowers of the Camellia sinensis, but the whole plant isn't used in making tea. In fact, it is the plant's leaves that are involved in the process of making green tea. Black tea and Oolong tea are both made from the same plant as green tea, but the leaves used for making green tea do not undergo oxidation. Before the leaves ferment, they are harvested and steamed using water vapours, which makes Japanese green tea unique. The custom of drinking tea was originally introduced to Japan from China. Back then, the act of drinking tea was considered a luxury. Now, drinking tea is a quite common practice in Japan. You can find green tea practically anywhere in Japanese homes and stores. 

Drinking green tea is far better than drinking any other drink out there, even water! Green tea contains loads of antioxidants, nutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, polyphenols, and more! Drinking green tea daily has been proven to protect the body against cardiovascular disease, speed metabolism, boost immunity, and destress us mentally. Green tea also strengthens tooth enamel while cleansing the mouth. Drinking green tea will lead you naturally to a healthier life.

While there are tons of benefits to drinking green tea, there are also proven benefits for our skin in the use of green tea. Applying green tea leaves to our skin rejuvenates our skin, bringing out a natural glow while relaxing us. Green tea naturally improves our complextion, works as a skin toner, and even treats acne! After brewing a cup of green tea, why not recycle the leaves by adding them into your beauty routine? Your skin will thank you.

Green tea can be enjoyed on its own, or with light snacks often consumed during tea time. Green tea is often thought to be as bitter as coffee, but this is a mere sterotype. Green tea has a light, refreshing taste that matches well with sweets. Many people in Japan have their green tea with 和菓子 (wagashi) which is Japanese traditional confectionery, but there are also people who have it with biscuits, cookies, and more. Green tea can be taken both chilled and hot. Depending on your mood, you can switch up your green tea. Hot green tea is perfect for having a relaxing time, and chilled green tea is perfect for a quick energy boost. There is a large selection of Japanese green teas here at J-Subculture, so please feel free to scroll down below for authentic green tea.


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