One Piece "WANTED" Poster Puzzles!

Mon, Aug 22nd 2016, 14:24:40


Any pirate worthy of becoming the ruler of the seas ought to have a bounty over their head for some decent reputation. Our favorite members of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as other characters from the beloved manga-anime series "One Piece" have their own "WANTED" posters, and they come in the shape of miniature puzzles! 

Each miniature puzzle set contains 150 puzzle pieces. Upon completion, you have an admirable "WANTED" poster that you can hang in your room as awesome, pirate decor. You can relive the adventurous memories of your favorite pirate from when they've got their own bounty, like when Luffy defeated Arlong. Each puzzle set contains a picture of the character, their name, and their bounty. 

We have many poster puzzle sets on sale and up for auction. If you're a fan of the pirates, then why not get one for yourself as a well spent pastime? Just scroll down below!

"WANTED" Poster Puzzles On Auction

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