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MUJI (Mujirushi, 無印良品) is a Japanese company that revolves around the idea of a "no brand" concept and utmost simplicity. Through their natural, soft, and aesthetic products, they've captured the hearts of many around the world. Each product is carefully made through a process that is both good for the environment and also ensuring of good quality. With fresh and clean ideas come items that will make our lives better. One of their well known products is their cut cotton facial pads. 

 These cut cotton facial pads are extremely soft and feel so gentle to the skin. Apply toner or lotion generously to each cotton pad and let it soak up the liquid. Then apply the cotton pad to your face. You can enjoy the full benefits of the best facial care through these cut cotton pads. You can use them for patting the skin or even as facial packs. You should especially treat your skin well in this chilly season of winter. What better way to do so than by these cotton pads?

Each pack of cut cotton pads contain a large quantity, so you can use them without worrying about it running out so fast. They are completely unbleached, so you can use them without fret. They are made of 100% cotton and are produced in Japan. You can never go wrong with something so natural. 

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