Kracie Aroma Resort Body Milk

Sat, Nov 26th 2016, 11:00:22


Let the rich aromas take you to the resort of your dreams...introducing Kracie's Aroma Resort Body Milk series! This series of body milk features a variety of beauty products that will keep your skin supple and soft, while also giving you a wonderful scent! Each package has a beautiful design to match the individual scent. Some scents will sweep you right off your feet with their sweetness, while others will put you in a relaxing mood. You can choose freely between body milks to match the scent you prefer, though we recommend the following body milks below. They are Fantastic Berry, Happy Sweet Peach, and Dreamy Bloom Rose:

The body milk series truly hydrate the skin, so if you're looking for a body lotion that will protect and nourish your skin during this cold, dry season, then these products are just right for you! The scent of each body milk lasts a long time compared to other company's products, and they contain genuine essenses of natural products, so you'll be doing good for your skin while being able to enjoy the product yourself! You can apply the body milk to your skin upon taking a bath to have the experience of going to a resort right at your home! You can also apply some when massaging your skin, or even before going out the door to make you smell wonderful all day. Light and milky, sweet and fresh, these body milks will never let you down. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are more body milks such as Shine Orange & Bergamot, Fine Apple & Gardenia, and Marriage Mimosa & Pear. Choose the one that's right for you today, at J-Subculture! Why wait when the resort of your dreams is waiting right at your fingertips?


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