Pilot fountain pen Lady White series

Fri, May 15th 2015, 11:37:50
Elegant, Calm but resolutely 

In Japanese, "Rin" include all these words. "Lady White" is suitable for expressing this word. "Rin" - tell noble beauty. So, "Lady White" is fountain pen especially for women. There are various charming elements.



Off-White, white mixed a little yellow and grey. The place one step back from pure white make calm atomosphere. Like mother watching over her child calmly. Warm.



【Sakura】Cheerful Sakura (Cherry blossom) is drawn on beautiful off-white. Sakura is representative flower of Japan. They bloom in warm sunlight. Sakura bring warmness to all people. This Small flower is drawn by white color lovely. It is very match with off white body. Cute. The axis under the cap is pure white. It really reflect inside of heart. 


【Momiji】In Japan, seasons are very vividly. In autumn, trees wear vivid dress - red, yellow, green... the beauty can not be expressed by language. Maybe, "Momiji" is general name of autumn. This cheerful leaf is drawn. Cute. Warm. The axis under the cap is pure white. It really reflect inside of heart. 



Slim body, certainly suitable for hands of women. But, brass make certain weight. Like great mother - her existence is very large. And "Urushi" is added to the painting material. "Urushi" have beautiful gross, and make good touch. But quantity is "moderate". So, calm gloss. Beautiful. 



14K, streamline. Streamline shape is very beautiful. Of course, there is not only beauty but also usefulness. The moderate hardness can endure long time writing. And moderate softness tell characteristic repulsion. Good balance. 


Beauty, warmness and strength - maybe, "Lady White" represent woman itself. 

Attached accessories : converter, 1 cartridge ink, white leather sheath and special box.


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