Pilot fountain pen Prera Iro-Ai FPRM-350R series

Thu, Jun 4th 2015, 13:44:30

Prera Fountain Pen

The Prera Fountain Pen Collection is crafted with a clear resin barrel for showcasing beautiful inks. each pen is infused with frosted colored accents, with seven eye-catching options to choose from. Equipped with a vacuum seal cap and capillary controlled ink delivery system, Prera Fountain Pen nibs are protected from drying out and will not blot on writing surfaces.

・Available in 7 different accent colors

・Frosted & color infused accents

・A specially designed capillary controlled ink delivery system ensures in is released evenly, preventing blotting on the writing surfaces

・Visible ink supply

・Vacuum sealed cap prevents the nib from drying out

・Available in fine and medium nib

・Refillable with Pilot bottled ink or replacement ink cartridges



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