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Thu, Jul 16th 2015, 17:42:50

From the hatching of the egg until the last beep does us part...

...TAMAGOTCHI are palm-sized, commonly egg-shaped handheld devices from BANDAI, housing a digital pet that needs to be pampered and reared until it is fully grown up. Compared to the first TAMAGOTCHI that came out back in the mid 90's, which was very simple in design and operations, latest versions are much more sophisticated with numerous features and downloadable app functions to add to the excitement of the players. Meanwhile the game play goes way beyond the initial idea of upbringing the fictional alien pet characters. The toy is interactive, allowing for the owner and the pet to establish a friendship and undertake activities together. Screen designs have turned colorful and detailed, the melodious sounds make it all the more enjoyable. Needless to say TAMAGOTCHI have been super popular in Japan all those years, but also managed to establish a big fan base around the globe of people of all ages and genders. Taking lovely care and raising something seems to be an ever appealing playing concept, which is embodied in this little toy.      

Down below a selection of TAMAGOTCHI related products. There is more in our store, if you are looking for a particular item, please feel free to ask us for assistance. Please take notice that the products we display in our storefront are Japanese versions only. English or other languages are not supported. 

Tamagotchi on Yahoo auction!

Tamagotchi on Yahoo auction!

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