PlayStation 4, this is for the players!

Fri, Oct 9th 2015, 15:26:33

The release of the new PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Wii U introduced us into the eighth generation of the video console systems, as always the rivality between competitors is huge and Sony's new system is, if not the best at least the most powerful. This is a fact that the developers confirmed to the "Edge" magazine, they described the performance between the PS4 and the Xbox One as "significant" and "Obvious", Sony's words was a little bit more dramatic, they described the PlayStation 4 as "The world's most powerful console".


This time Sony wanted to get back all those fans who escape to other platforms during the last generation with an aggressive advertising campaign. Sony made a call to those who feel passion for the video games, to those who spend so many hours saving worlds, shooting spells, enjoying their free time living other lives, learning about love, duty, honor, peace and war. Sony wanted us to understand that they're bringing back what belong to the gamers, no one but us we build the history behind the PlayStation, in somehow we help to change the world and this time, Sony is listening to us, the company said it clear, THIS IS FOR THE PLAYERS.

As Well as other funny campaign against their competitors; 


Featuring some of the last generation services like PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus, the new system adds some great new ones like the "Share" option. With this brand new feature the PlayStation Plus members will be able to share their games with their friends for 60 minutes even if they don't have the game. As always the PlayStation Plus keep offering multiplayer, 24 free games per year, discounts for the PlayStation Store and 10GB of cloud storage for save games.   


PlayStation Plus "Share" option

One of the newest features of the PlayStation 4 may be the new g controller, besides the last generation controller features, the Dualshock 4 equipped a touchpad on the front, motion detection, improved vibration and several output connectors like a stereo headphone jack output/input as well as the new share button for the PlayStation Plus share option. 


Dualshock 4

Although PlayStation 4 live time still short the system already have some of the greatest games of this generation, games like Metal Gear Solid V or Destiny may be the best games of this generation, Destiny is already the most expensive game of the history, Activision invest 500 million dollars in the developing of this title despite this, on day one of its release, the game sold over 500 million dollars, taking just one day for Activision to recover the invest. 


Some of the coolest and most stunning titles of the new generation still on develop and the upcoming graphics are just awesome, making this the perfect moment for purchase a second hand console or, if you already have a PlayStation 4, one of the most interesting games from the list we made just for you, remember that the best is yet to come, don't miss this opportunity!




One of the most beautiful tv commercial from the "THIS IS FOR THE PLAYERS" campaign

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