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Released in 2006 and revealed to the public for the first time during the 2005 E3 conference, the PlayStation 3 took the baton from the successful PlayStation 2. In this first version the controller was a rare returning boomerang style, a futuristic version of the well known dual shock, due to the critics Sony drop the design and returned to the Dual Shock 2 model, the PlayStation 3 provided backwards compatibility and changing the controller was not the best idea, this backwards compatibility should provide the same ergonomic experience so Sony followed a simple rule, if something works don't change it.  


Sony decided to release the console with a better version of the well known Dual Shock, the DualShock 3, wireless, with a internal battery and USB connection, the original version of the console also included the capacity to install other operating systems, such as Linux, feature that was not added in the following versions of the PlayStation 3 like the Slim model, this functionality still only available for dose users with a original console with the 3.15 version of the system software.  


Other feature that differentiate the console from his predecessor is the PlayStation Network which allows users to stream music, video or movies when the console is connected to internet, one of the most interesting features of this Network may be the PlayStation plus, a yearly subscription mode that offers 24 free games per month, multiplayer mode, especial PlayStation Store discounts and other unique features.


Sony released three different versions during the PlayStation 3 live time, the original, commonly known as the "FAT" version, the Slim and the Super Slim model. 


Once again Sony focused not only on the system but in something they learned was as important as the console, the games. Some of the PlayStation 3 exclusive games may be the best video games of the seventh generation of video game consoles, titles like "The Last of Us" or the "Uncharted" franchise, showed us that the video games gained the title of work of art by their own right.


The list of available titles is huge and despite the new generation is already here, this may be the best moment to search for a good and affordable second hand PlayStation 3, in addition the PlayStation 3 console and games are region free so either you want to purchase some of the best PlayStation 3 titles for your PlayStation 4, or you already have a PlayStation 3 and you want more games for your system, don't forget to check the special list of PlayStation 3 games and consoles we've made specially for you!

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