Tombow Zoom Light!

Mon, Nov 2nd 2015, 20:06:49

In J-Subculture we are big fan of the Japanese stationery brands and Tombow is one of our favourite ones, we already introduce you some of their best products like the Tombow AirPress Pen, with a cool characteristic, the capacity to write even when you are doing overhead, thanks to his unique air pressure system.  

Today we want to introduce you another cool stationery product developed by Tombow, the Tombow Zoom Multi Function Pen and Mechanical Pencil. 

Sometimes, when you are writing you may need to change to another colour or use a pencil instead of a pen, is so annoying to carry around all those and what if we forget our pen, or our mechanical pencil at home? Well that's something form the past thanks to Tombow and his new Multi Functional pen, the Tombow Tombow Zoom Multi Function Pen and Mechanical Pencil. 


This is not just a multi functional ordinary pen, the Tombow Tombow Zoom Multi Function Pen and Mechanical Pencil it is made by the best aluminium, light and elegant his rubber grip will bring you the most comfortable writing experience. Easily switch between pen or mechanical pencil with a simple click, and remember which type are you using by facing the logo on the top of his bodie. 


This spectacular pen is available in 5 vibrant colours, Green, Gold, Navy, Silver and Pink and features a 0.7mm ballpoint and 0.5mm lead. 

Cool, light, useful, colourful, Japanese! 

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