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As the name COTTON LABO implies, the Japanese company has dedicated its business to the sole manufacturing of goods made of this fluffy, soft stable. In particular Cotton Labo's 100% ORGANIC COTTON PUFFS enjoy a steady demand at our shop. Besides small quantity purchases by private clients, we have therefore set up a WHOLESALE program to cater also larger volumes to businesses. Although the items are categorized as beauty products, the use is not restricted for the purpose of makeup removal, cleansing or facial masks alone. In fact this product type offers a far wider spectrum, is highly universal, which is one of the reasons for its increasing demand also by professional sellers to take it into their product assortment. In the following paragraphs we will describe in more detail what organic means for the production and the end product. Right after the article you may find the related products for purchase.

When we talk about organic, we are talking about the manufacturing process of agricultural produce that has to follow strict standard requirements for 2-3 YEARS. When that period of agricultural production practices is passed, the agricultural land will be recognized by certification authorities. All the cotton that is grown following the strict rules of NOT USING ANY PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS and FERTILIZERS will be cultivated in that land.

The final goal of organic cotton processing is to use the raw material eventually for refinement by spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, sewing. The purpose of this entire organic manufacturing process, is to ensure the traceability of the organic raw material and quality to be firmly secured, to minimize the impact on the environment and health by use of chemicals, guarantee the safety of manual workers and ultimately the end consumer. That’s the whole meaning of ORGANIC COTTON to produce defending and protecting the social model. 

A considerably amount of chemical fertilizer and agricultural chemicals is used in the cultivation of regular cotton. Each country is establishing strict regulations about such chemicals, pest control, control weeds, mildew and sterilization, the harvest before the defoliant, but all those things are still affecting the environment and possible the farmers health. Also the excess of the agricultural chemicals remains in the soil, contaminating the groundwater. This leads to the disappearance of microorganisms and the diminution of ability of the land to grow again. Those farmers, who decide to grow organic cotton, must continue using established organic fertilizers and not use any of the prohibited fertilizers, after the turning point. They must strictly comply with organic cultivation throughout. In fact, a third party will provide a certification to the field and cultivation, which will indicate that the cotton being sold and the field are both organic treated from the beginning.

How to know, if it is really organic cotton or not? The harvest cotton is actually much the same. The cotton harvest in the normal way, has a very small amount of agricultural chemical residue in the cotton itself, so when the chemical tests are done is somewhat difficult to know if the cotton is organic or not. Here is when the certification authority steps in. They check the fields, investigate the method of the agricultural land management to confirm whether the output is organic or not. Also after receiving the authentication, every year professional inspectors visit the farms reoccurring basis to make sure that they are complying with the determined production standards. With this examinations the consumers will know when and where the organic cotton manufacture products took place as it has to be declared accordingly for sales.

Above is what the the organic cotton puffs look like. They have two different sizes, with M SIZE 50x60mm and L SIZE 60x80mm. As you may see from the above image, since they are organic they are not pure white color, but may have tiny remnants of leaves, branch bark and flower buds weaved in. This however has no influence on the products performance and is meant to be this way. You may use these cotton pads with a mind at ease and can trust it being 100% organic.

With this said, please place your orders via the below product tabs. For businesses interested in larger volumes, please inquire with us what quantity you would be interested in obtaining. We may then calculate the figures and submit them to you in a QUOTATION for review. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience, our team will be happy to assist with further details.

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