Everyone's Favorite - Yoshi Plushies!

Mon, Oct 10th 2016, 13:28:01


Yoshi, everyone's favorite green dinosaur, comes in plushie form! Nothing can get more adorable than this. With his lovable features heightened by the soft, plushy material, Yoshi plushies have become all the rage for any Nintendo fan out there.

 Yoshi has been a well-played character throughout many Nintendo Mario game series over the years. Compared to other famous characters like Mario and Luigi, he doesn't have a specific "power." However, Yoshi is able to ground pound, flutter jump, and eat up the foes Mario couldn't defeat and turn them into eggs and other weapons with his long tongue. He lets Mario and other characters ride on him, and they set off together on exciting travels to save the world! How fun is that? With his initial dino look and happy disposition, there isn't anyone out there who doesn't like Yoshi. 

In plushie form, you can have Yoshi become your personal companion! He can come in the size of small Yoshis, so you can set him up in your room to remind you of good Nintendo memories. There are larger sizes that allow you to take Yoshi on your adventures! Having Yoshi when you sleep like a cuddly teddy bear is one of the happiest things ever. Look at how kawaii he is! There are more Yoshi plushies avaliable for you to enjoy, such as the ones below:


When helping his friends Mario and Luigi, Yoshi offers the two a ride on his back. He can run with speed, jump high lengths, and defeat enemies that are blocking the path. You might often see the Mario x Yoshi combo, but don't forget about Luigi! They're mighty good friends too!

And keep in mind that there isn't just "one" Yoshi. Although green Yoshi is the most popular, there are many other Yoshis out there in a variety of colors! Some colors of Yoshi are quite rare, and some show the difference in abilities of Yoshi. If you have your favorite colored Yoshi, you'll always be ready for an adventure. Want a Yoshi of your own? Scroll down for the Yoshi we have just for you at J-Subculture! You won't have to wait for your Yoshi egg to hatch anymore.

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