Pokemon MonColle EX - The Pokemon Moon and Sun Series

Mon, Oct 31st 2016, 17:23:14

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TAKARA TOMY, which is licensee of POKEMON merchandise and manufacturer of the big selling mini figures POKEMON MONCOLLE (Monster Collection), incl. the POKEMON MEGA EVOLUTION SERIES, is about to release the latest series of collection figures with the POKEMON MONCOLLE EX, introducing several new characters of the POKEMON MOON & SUN installment, such as LITTEN, POPPLIO, SOLGALEO, LUNALA, ROWLET and many more. The grade of detail for such small toys is impressive and also the paint work is beautifully done, exactly what you'd expect from a great toy maker like Takara Tomy. Take your Pokemon Moncolle to the next level with these faithfully produced and high quality toys – catch’em all, if you can!

Your Pokemon universe just begins or continuous with these new figures! PRE-ORDERS (release date for the first wave is set for November 18th, the second for December 28th) are one through our REGULAR SHOPPING or PROXY AGENCY services. We are looking forward to receiving your orders and are happy to assist, if you have any questions. 

Please take your time to browse our various offers. Should you search for a particular item that is not listed below or otherwise not detectable in our storefront, please don't hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to assist with any query and to search for specific items. Also PRE-ORDERS are possible in most cases. In the event that you would spot any errors for products, offers or other areas on our page, please inform us about it, so we may improve our services to provide a better shopping experience for the future. For the actual products, please be aware that they could differ from the images displayed here. With all that said, please enjoy your tour in our shop!

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