Yo-kai Watch

Tue, Jun 12th 2018, 11:34:05
June 14th is Auction 5% Point Back Campaign Day

And today's recommended theme is 'Yo-kai Watch'.

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'Yo-kai Watch' is a game software sold for Nintendo 3DS.

The story is about a elementary school boy got a strange watch that be able to see Yo-kai and will make friends with Yo-kai.

After fighting and winning Yo-kai,he can get a Yo-kai medal and fight together with it to another Yo-kai.

By the way,though 'Yo-kai' means 'Japanese ghost',any of 'Yo-kai Watch' characters are so cute!!

Not only game softwares but also collectibles are available.

Why don't you collect them?

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We will run 'International shipping' campaign sometime next week

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Yo-kai Watch

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