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Wed, Sep 16th 2015, 18:46:56

As you may notice, we are working to introduce you the most important game systems of the recent game era in Japan. We saw how Nintendo defined the video games with Nintendo SNES, then Sony's PlayStation established the foundations of the modern game systems, but the territory of the "portables" still uncharted. It'll be unfair to declare a clear winner in this battle, but in the other hand it's true that if we take a look to the ranking of the total worldwide sales for platforms that are no longer manufactured, Nintendo's Nintendo DS, based in the first Nintendo's big success Nintendo Game&Watch is the winner with 154.88 units sold, the number one of the portables and the second of the game consoles.

Despite this fact the PSP is not a NDS, their was competitors but totally different ways of understanding the portable systems. NDS was small, funny and with a certain retro air, the touch screen and the stylus brings the user a new way of playing and a lot of non "gamer" user was trapped by this fact. In the other hand Sony wanted to bring classic gamer the purest definition of the portable console. And you can bet they did.

Sony's PSP brings, for the very first time a new era console embedded in a portable. You may no have a stylus, you may no have a touch screen, but switching on for the first time the 4.3" and 480x272 PSP's LCD was simply beautiful, in addition the stunning graphics, the PSP was released in 2004, of the PSP brings to the user the experience of playing to the original PlayStation anywhere. Stereo sound system, grate screen, apps, music and the possibility to watch movies brings to PSP a well deserved 80.82 million worldwide sales and the 9th position in the global ranking.


Despite the original PSP is no longer manufactured you still have the chance to find good deals in PSP auctions, we spend some time digging Yahoo auctions to bring you the best deals, a unique selection of the best PSP games that you can perfectly combine with a old stylish but beautiful PSP classic. Just don't forget that you'll need a Japanese region PSP for playing Japanese PSP games.   

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