Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Bandai Collection Figures - Can you feel the Cosmos?!

Tue, Dec 20th 2016, 21:44:35

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In various articles we have been introducing different FIGURE types and brands, which are popular with collectors and newbies to the hobby. This article we want to devote to one of the finest and most excellent figure series out there, the one of SAINT SEIYA MYTH CLOTH EX by BANDAI.

The fantastic adventures of Saint Seiya and other KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC is a creation of MASAMI KURUMADA and know through out the world of fans of the manga/anime genre. Particularly in France, Spain and many South American countries the franchise enjoys immense popularity. The stories first appeared in the 1980's and thus is considered one of the long-running series, as it finds its continuation in ever new story arcs to this very day. Like with all the hit franchises, the one of Saint Seiya comes with a range of collectibles and merchandise for fans to collect. Initially Bandai released the figures under SAINT SEIYA MYTH CLOTH since 2003, but then added the EX FIGURES series in 2011, which are slightly larger and renovated in articulation compared to their predecessors. So it is a fairly young line-up, if one wants to say so. The letters 'EX' stand for "exclamation" and reflect the endeavor to create a sentiment of "amazement" and "wonder" with onlookers and it can be well assessed that it lives completely up to that promise.

Here we see WYVERN RHADAMANTHYS, a henchmen of HADES, the god of the netherworld and one of the main antagonists of the series, as he transforms in to the cloth symbol, which is a uniqueness of this figure line-up. It allows you to display the characters in different

The transformation of the characters as shown in the above images is just one special features of the line-up. Each figures includes a variety of armor parts, which can be removed like a dress for dolls, leaving only the figure in basic costume. Unlike other figures, i.e. the S.H.FIGUARTS series also from Bandai, with this different parts can be manipulated and taken off from the corpus, which gives it also a bit of a feel of a model kit. However, no adhesives are needed to keep the parts in place, when you put them back on again. The SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX or SAINT MYTH CLOTH EX as it is also called, contains different facial expressions, which can be exchanged to capture the emotions of the situation the character finds itself in. The figures all geared up in their shiny armor and special poses make for an impressive sight and can't be missed in any true Saint Seiya fan collection. They are usually in the price segment of 5'000 JPY to 10'000 JPY, which is about the mid-range for figures, but rare items or limited editions can easily go up to a value of 30'000 JPY, so you want to be quick for new releases. We will gradually will update this section, so you should not fall short to other buyers or miss out on any upcoming announcements.

Out of the the latest Saint Seiya anime series, SOUL OF GOLD, come the divine warriors in their most powerful and majestic armor to date, the GOD CLOTH. As can been seen from the faces and body parts the grade of detail is incredible, bringing out the all the grandeur of these fantastic characters. With refined articulation and additional accessory one has no limits in recreating the dynamic scenes of the anime. Time to summon the saints and their rival counterparts for your own superb Saint Seiya Collection! 

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